Increasing access to water in Mumbai‘s slums

 In Mumbai, 50% of the city’s 12.4 million population live in slums and the number looks set to double by 2050. The combination of this rapid urbanisation, poor quality infrastructure and the expansion of ‘notified’ (legal) and ‘non-notified’ (unregulated) slums have caused continued problems of access to clean water; an increase in disease and illness; and the growth of a black-market trade in water for Mumbai’s poorest communities. The team set out to identify the root causes of the issues and built a set of scenarios that would enable them to recommend next steps to fill the gaps in the current proposed solutions. Their recommendations included considerations for increasing the number of licenced water merchants, implementing rainwater harvesting initiatives, and facilitating mobile payments for water purchasing.

Ahana Dwivedi | Tilman Melzer | Sumeet Sarangi | Molly Shaw | Matthew Williams | Lu Zheng


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